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May 25 – Weekly Activities

Secondary III 

Secondary IV 

May 18 – Weekly Activities

This week’s activities take on the same format as last week, and will continue until June 23. 

Secondary 3, the topic is the Iroquoian people and the activity is to characterize their society prior to European contact.

Secondary 4, the topic is Duplessis and the activity is to characterize the Duplessis years of 1944-1959. 


May 11 – Weekly Activities 

I’ve put together activities for this week for Secondary 4 on the Second World War and for Secondary 3 on the Change of Empire .

For Secondary 4, you’ll have a short quiz to refresh some elements about Canada and the Second World War and then work with historical photographs as evidence and determine the historical significance of the Liberation of the Netherlands. 

For Secondary 3, you’ll have a short quiz to refresh some elements about the Change of Empire, re-watch the video on the Royal Proclamation  and then work with documents to determine the Continuities and Changes of the Fur Trade. 

As always, there are also the Ministry  Secondary 3Secondary 4 history activities and the activities at LEARN that you can work on as well.

If you need anything drop me an email: mrussell@wqsb.qc.ca 

April 29 – History Activities – LEARN @home.  

Adapted weekly activities from the Ministry of Education are available from LEARN Quebec.  Click on the image to take you to LEARN’s social studies help page. 

April 28 – Textbooks

The publisher of our textbooks has made the online, interactive versions available.  You can click on the image for access to your book.  On the left is Grade 9 and on the right is grade 10. 


UPDATE! History Extra!  Each week, I’ll be adding a set of resources related to history, but not necessarily to our program.  These are meant for you to explore, think, and maybe even just have fun.  

Extra History4 – Read about the students who protested in China for democracy 31 years go, see a dramatization of how professional soccer started in English (on Netflix), listen to how iconic album covers were created, and explore the harrowing death camp at Auschwitz. 

Extra History3 – Read about the first Earth Day, listen to the experiences of conscripted men during the First World War, see how a family lived in the 1960s, explore the Apollo 13 mission in real time, and more! 

Extra History2 – Read about the first modern Olympics, listen to how Hitler rose to power in the 1930s, see the worst jobs of the Victorian era (some are quite disgusting) and explore Angkor Wat, and more! 

Extra HistoryRead about how Triscuit crackers might have gotten their name, listen to the origins of the Spanish Flu in the First World War, explore Machu Pichu and watch Gretzky and Lemieux take on the Soviet KLM line in the 1987 Canada Cup, and more! 


Welcome to History!

I current teach History of Quebec and Canada 304 and History of Quebec and Canada 404.

Course materials can be accessed through the tabs.